Dental Tourism happens for a lot of reasons.But most of the time the choices are made on price considerations .Most often toursim in the dental healthcare sector happens from developed countries to low cost developing economies.It could also be due to the differences in funding of dental healthcare or ease of accessability to it.

Type Of Treatment US & UK India Dentacure
Tooth colored Composite filling$400$50$40
Root Canal Treatment$500- $1,000$150$90
Dentures $1,000$300$200
Dental Implants$2,000$800$500
Porcelain-Metal Crown/Bridge $600$100$80

Dental treatment in India is inexpensive as compared to the western countries. Jaipur dentacure has latest equipments and well trained experienced dentists to match the best of international standards.

Dentists can charge $300 to $400 for a Dental Filling in USA & Europe.even if your insurance pays you still have yet 50% of cost of the treatment to be paid yourself, whereas.. It costs only $20 to $40 in India. Which is 10% of cost at home. A Root Canal is $1,800-$3,000 in the West but only $100 to $200 in India. Complete Dentures can cost $1,000 overseas but only $250 in India. We can also club your Dental Treatment with an excellent package of tour visiting some of the interesting cities of India.

According to the National Coalition on Health Care, more than 5,00,000 Americans travelled abroad to receive medical and dental work in 2012.

An increasing wave of US patients—over 7,50,000 in 2014 alone—have travelled abroad for affordable medical treatment.

We offer specialized treatments for your entire family dental needs. Keeping in mind every discerning patient´s needs, we aim to provide a custom-made treatment plan that fits into your travel itinerary as well.

We are leaders in north indian dental tourism at PINK CITY jaipur situated only 2.5 kms from JAIPUR airport the rajasthan´s capital city .

We provide BDS/MDS dental experts, supreme facilities, latest dental technology, and help with special packages for our international patients.

If you are a NRI visiting your family in Jaipur , we assure of providing specialized dental treatment at your hometown Jaipur.

With our state of the Art Technology and Infrastructure,with a team of expert specialists on board, Asopa Jaipur Dentacure is able to provide the highest quality in dental treatment module with the latest technological know how,in a cost effective manner.Our standards of hygiene and sterilization techniques are on par with international standards.

1.Air conditioned operatory, separate consultation chamber, waiting hall, reception, and restroom facility.

2.Practo Patient management software facility for Registrations , Appointments , & Billing .

3.Separate sterilization chamber for autoclaving and cleaning all instruments

4. Free Dental check-up & consultation every Sunday of the month

5.Complementary oral hygiene maintaining kit for patients

6.Free Wi-Fi facility , Parking zone , Power Backup