Dr. Aishwarya Joshi
BDS, General Dentist

Doctor is practicing at Asopa's jaipur Dentacure as a General family dentist, she has graduated with a distiction in oral surgery, pediatric dentistry and oral pathology from Rajasthan University of Health Sciences very recently.
Doctor performs free of cost restorations, extractions and nutritional counselling at our dental camps for community services. She assists in various implant placements and complex aesthetic procedures.
Dr. Aishwarya also holds key interest in aesthetic dentistry in future. She has been actively treating patients at dental treatment camps with santokba durlabji hospital, jaipur.

General services:

Routine care, Teeth Cleaning, Teeth Whitening,

Speciality services:

Also to her credit she has successfully held jaipur dentacure free dental camps at chitrakoot sanganer jain temple, mahaveer nagar ram mandir, nyla village, krishi bank lal kothi, and other areas for poor patients at the rural outskirts of pinkcity.